Project Description

MatterCliff is an interactive and simple to use tool for the characterization of discontinuities and the analysis of rock slopes stability. This software aims at the implementation of various geotechnical, statistical and probabistic methods in a multiple-document application comprising five major parts :

  1. the statistical study of spatial distribution of discontinuity family using spacing histograms and variographic analysis
  2. the semi-automatic digitization of discontinuities from scanned images or outcrop sketches
  3. the analysis of simple probabilistic models
  4. an utility for the pre-analysis of orientation data : angle conversions, coordinates calculations, intersection of planes
  5. a tool for the computation of the volume generated by 2 or 3 families of discontinuities

Designed by M. Jaboyedoff as subcontractor for the CREALP

Written by J.-Y. Del├Ęze at CREALP

Download at CREALP