Quanterra offers:

  • An innovative structure in environment management
  • A true interdisciplinary approach
  • Guest researchers positions
  • A charter of collaboration with private companies
  • Support for innovative approach for the private companies
  • Creation of opportunities for private companies on international market by:
    • Stimulating and supporting application of new methods
    • Creating international network

Our perspectives are:

  • Strong link with foreign countries
  • Relationship with international organizations
  • Development of Quanterra approach

Management summary

Within four years QUANTERRA Center will be an international excellence center of modeling effects of climate change on global erosion processes in mountainous regions, mostly because really innovative topics of research are taken into account. Putting into practice natural risk assessment is also a key point of QUANTERRA ; the developed model will be implemented for landplanning.

QUANTERRA is based on a determined interdisciplinary approach supported by an active interaction between the purely academic world and the various trades linked to land planning management. Implementation will be designed in collaboration with the economic world.

Exchanges with invited researchers from other countries are planned and stimulating interactions with them are expected as well as significant contributions to the present project, taking into account that a budget is dedicated for that purpose. This approach also implies cooperation with developing countries.

The budget is expected to be shared between Swiss federal services and other countries, universities or high technical schools and private companies. QUANTERRA is planned to start at the end of 2003, a complete team will be constituted as soon as possible, in order to preserve a true interdisciplinary approach, and to avoid developing a dominant subject.

Documents describing the goals and structure

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